Friday, October 3, 2008

Professor Ruv (U of T)

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto has asked me to guest lecture on the topic of emerging network and computing technology (aka cloud computing). This is a true honor for someone with no academic credentials. I'm fairly certain my janitor has more academic credentials then I do. When everyone else was going to University I was starting my first business, so I consider that my MBA in the school of hard knocks. What's funny if we were to interview me for a job at Enomaly, I probably wouldn't get past the resume selection process because of my lack of traditional education.

I suppose I should also note I do sit on the board of Advisors for York University and include Harvard, Texas A&M, and the University of British Columbia as customers. So maybe someday I'll get one of the honorary degrees, but that's probably just wishful thinking, it's probably less work to just go to university.

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