Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Microsoft's Cloud Strategy: A Mystery wrapped in an Enigma

Is it just me or does Microsoft's apparent cloud strategy lack any kind of focus. Between their love of various code names, Red Dog, Mesh, Live, Zurich, and Windows Cloud to name a few. I have absolutely no idea what in the world they're planning on doing. Is Microsoft purposely attempting to create even more haze in the world of cloud computing?

Mary Jo Foley over at ZDnet puts it this way: "In the old days, Microsoft used to pit internal teams against one another, allowing the best platform to “win.” If you’re a developer trying to figure out how to target Microsoft’s cloud, which platform — or combination of platforms should you be betting on?"

(Confused? So am i)

Microsoft's everything cloud for everyone seems to be intentional. Maybe this was Microsoft's plan all along. Maybe all the company really wants is to do is sell more traditional software the way they have always. As an outsider there current strategy appears to be a Mystery wrapped in an Enigma. Which is certainly an odd way to market your brand, by in effect purposely diluting it.

What do you think?

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