Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm in The Economist Special Report on Cloud Computing

I'm Famous, or acknowledged in the Economist magazine anyway. A few people have point out that I'm listed in the Sources and acknowledgments section of the The Economist Special Report on Cloud Computing. I read through the articles and couldn't find any specific quotes, but I suppose being listed as a source is pretty good.

On a side note. I'm not sure if I agree with this paragraph

the cloud craze may have peaked already, if the number of Google searches is any guide (see chart 1). Cloud computing is bound to go through a “trough of disillusionment”, as Gartner, a research firm, calls the phase in the hype cycle when technologies fail to meet expectations and quickly cease to be fashionable. Much still needs to be invented for the computing sky to become truly cloudy.

If you look at other technology trends, like Virtualization, SOA or Utility computing, you'll see that much like the stock market trends goes up and down. For cloud computing, the trend is still very much in an upswing. Given the amount of news from various vendors this week, I think we'll continue to see this movement increase in poplularity. Why buy server infrastructures, this is specially important in though economic climates where every dollars counts. Cloud computing is the ideal way to save on your CAPEX.

If you're interested in reading the Economist's Cloud report, please visit one of the articles listed below.

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