Monday, August 25, 2008

Ruv's Law: Less is Less, More is More

The point is, ladies and gentleman, that more-- for lack of a better word -- is good.

More is right. More works.

Although I am not a fictional wall street tycoon, I do have a hard time buying the continuing view that server consolidation is the ultimate use case for virtualization. Call me a wide eyed optimist, I believe my company will continue to grow and as my company grows our demand for additional computing capacity will grow and for that reason I believe more is better.

If I we're a minimalist, I may believe that less is more, but unlike Ludwig Mies van der Rohe I do not believe that anything which is spare or stripped to its essentials is better. It is not. I'd rather a have more, more family, more employees and yes, even more money.

Now you know.

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