Friday, August 22, 2008

IBM says don't use tape, use the Cloud

IBM is preparing to tell its customers to stop using tape and backup their data to cloud-based IBM Business Resilience data centers. It's spending $300m to build 13 such centers ($23 million per center) around the globe.

Customers will have a Service Delivery Platform in their data centers which automatically backs up data to an offsite IBM Business Resilience data center located in their part of the globe such as Hong Kong; Tokyo, Japan; Paris, France; London, UK; Beijing and Shanghai, China; Izmir, Turkey; Warsaw, Poland; Milan, Italy; Metro Park, New Jersey; Cologne, Germany; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Mumbai, India; South Africa; and Brussels, Belgium.

It is calling its new backup to cloud disk offering IBM Information Protection Services. The combination of the IBM storage appliances and Arsenal's software is called a Data Protection Vault.

More details here.

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