Friday, August 22, 2008

Enomalism's RESTful API

For those of you interested in RESTful cloud computing, we've just published our Enomalism REST API for review.

Each Enomalism REST API call will return the result in JSON format. JSON is a lightweight format that virually every programming language can easily parse.

Most of the URIs that comprise the Enomalism REST API have variable paths. A path takes the
following form:
Each segment in a given path has the ability to be dynamically interchangeable. That is, in a given URI, one segment is typically a variable that is processed by the REST controller while the remaining segments are static. This is only the typical case. There could potentially be any number of variable segments in a given URI. REST controllers can also accept HTTP parameters. These look like typical GET parameters or they could also be submitted via an HTML form. This depends on which HTTP methods the controller supports. For eaxample, the end result of submitting an HTML form is issuing an HTTP POST request. If the contoller we are submitting to supports POST methods, great. If not, we will not get the desired result.

Please feel free to download a copy of our API doc at

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