Friday, August 1, 2008

Don't forget the Sun Screen

Sun appears to want to be included in the cloud buzz this week. They have announced, (umm) leaked that their will officially be spun out into an official "cloud unit". I'm not really sure why or if this is even news worthy, But I thought I'd post it.

The register has a pretty good overview, my favorite tidbit includes;
"Sun executives have been in meetings with both Douglas and Schwartz to try and pin down exactly what the new business will do and how it'll operate, as there's no single, clear definition of what "cloud" really is."

Good luck creating a business when you don't know what your product is. (Give me a call and I'll give you my two cents on clouds) On planet earth, the Sun is a crucial part of cloud formation, problem is if you stare too long you may get blinded.

Some more details here >

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