Tuesday, August 5, 2008

AT&T's Vapor

Following the lead of HP, Yahoo, Intel, Sun and others last week, AT&T announced today that they too are going to be entering the "cloud computing" market with a cloud of their very own. The press release was light on details other then their intent to enter the market. Verizon has also stated they plan on offering cloud services and have partnered with Desktone to offer cloud desktops to their customers. BT, FT, and DT in Europe all have cloud projects in the works as well as China Telecom. Seems the telecom biz is quickly becoming a poster child for cloud computing. Which is great given their regionalized positions.

Regardless of whether or not AT&T offers anything of substance, the release can only help maintain a level of cloud hype already in full effect. Having the ability to geographically scale will be made a lot easier if every country's telecom provider offers localized cloud services. So for this reason alone I'm very excited by the various announcements.

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