Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Layoffs: Future Hazy for Bungee Labs

It's been a very busy couple days for cloud related news.Yesterday, Bungee Labs fired 15 employees which they blamed on actual versus anticipated rates of adoption of their platform as a service offering. I've know team at Bungee for a few years and admire them all. I can only imagine this must have been a very tough decision for them to make.

That said I've always said that a hosted cloud IDE is a level of vendor lockin most customers are not prepared to engage. For Bungee Labs to be successful or any proprietary cloud platform to be successful, they need to have massive and broad adoption using common programming languages and tools. I feel the only way this will happen, specially in the platform as a service space is for PaaS service providers to GO OPEN SOURCE!

So whats next for Bungee, well, they're going open source.

Here's what they said.

We have begun the process of opening our own source code via the publication and “solicitation for comments” on the Bungee Labs Community Source License (BCSL) which will provide no-fee source code access to Bungee’s full stack when we emerge from Beta.

More Details:

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