Saturday, November 8, 2008

RumorMill: EMC's Atmos Cloud Optimized Storage Launching Nov 10th

I just received word from an anonymous source that EMC will be releasing their Cloud Storage Platform on Monday November 10th. It will be a new category of storage called "Cloud Optimized Storage". The release will be named "Atmos" short for Atmosphere and was previously referred to as "Maui".

According to previous details, Maui is to be a clustered file system software that will compete with Isilon's OneFS or NetApp's OnTap GX.

In November 2007, EMC CEO Joe Tucci said this: "Maui is well beyond a clustered file system, but will incorporate some of the things a clustered file system does," somewhat vaguely, during a keynote at an EMC Innovation Day event.

According to my source the final features for Atmos will include the following:

Massively scalable infrastructure
- Petabyte scale
- Global footprint

All-in-one data services
- Replication, Versioning
- Compression, Spin-down,
- De-duplication
- Advanced metadata support, Indexing
- Powerful access mechanisms

Intelligent data management
- Personalized by metadata and policy
- Auto-configuring when capacity is added
- Auto-healing when failures occur
- Auto-managing content placement

Cost effective hardware
- Industry standard building blocks
- Modular packaging
- User-serviceable components

---- BENEFITS ----

Reduces complexity of global content distribution
- Policy based intelligence for objects and tenants

Single tier easy to manage
- Auto-configuring, auto-healing, browser-based interface

Infinitely scalable
- Multi-petabytes, multi-site, multi-tenant

Easily to integrate and extend

Easy to configure and expand
- Single-entity, global namespace, No RAID, No LUNs

Cost compelling content store, dispersion and archive
- Standard hardware, economy of scale

According to my source, EMC also has a few more products for the cloud but the source couldn't say anymore about it.

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