Thursday, November 6, 2008

MIT Technology Review: Opening the Cloud

Erica Naone , has written a nice piece on Open-source cloud-computing tools that could give companies greater flexibility. She has graciously included me as a contributor.

Here's my piece;
Reuven Cohen, founder and chief technologist of Enomaly, explains that an open-source cloud provides useful flexibility for academics and large companies. For example, he says, a company might want to run most of its computing in a commercial cloud such as that provided by Amazon but use the same software to process sensitive data on its own machines, for added security. Alternatively, a user might want to run software on his or her own resources most of the time, but have the option to expand to a commercial service in times of high demand. In both cases, an open-source cloud-computing interface can offer that flexibility, serving as a complement to the commercial service rather than a replacement.
Read the whole article here >

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