Friday, November 21, 2008

Networking at the cloud expo

I've been having a great time in San Jose this week at the various cloud related events. I was telling my wife the only time in my life people actual recognize me is at a cloud conference. How geeky is that. Actually the fact that there even is a conference dedicated to cloud computing goes to show how far we've come. I guess, I'm not so crazy after all. Anyway, I've had several great conversations over the last couple days. These discussions have ranged from decentralization, to economic Darwinism to the myth of 5 nines.

At the cloud camp mixer the other night I ran into some of the folks from Juniper Networks. In our conversation it became apparent the next major a battle field in the networking space may very well be in the area of "Cloud Networking" and upstarts like Arista or more established niche players like Juniper Networks look to be in an ideal position to take advantage of what they described as the "great paradigm" shift.

To give a little background, Juniper has made itself name by providing a sort of customized network solution for companies like Microsoft and Google. The word is that they make upwards of 200million a year on Google alone. So they already have a major foot hold in the emerging cloud ecosystem. The opportunity for Juniper as well as smaller network players is to assist in the migration from the centralized data centers of the past to the decenteralized, hybrid computing environments of the future.

I'll post more of my conversations over the coming days.

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