Thursday, September 3, 2009

Red Hat Unveils DeltaCloud Interoperability Broker

Earlier today, Red Hat announced a new DeltaCloud Interoperability API Framework with the goal of enabling an ecosystem of developers, tools, scripts, and applications which can interoperate across the public and private clouds. The open source project is built using Ruby as described as a cloud broker. The broker comes complete with drivers that map the API to both public clouds like EC2, and private virtualized clouds based on VMWare and Red Hat Enterprise Linux with integrated KVM. (Think of it like Red Hat's Libvirt project for cloud service providers)

Deltacloud gives you:

  • REST API (simple, any-platform access)
  • Support for EC2, RHEV-M; VMWare ESX, RackSpace coming soon
  • Backward compatibility across versions, providing long-term stability for scripts, tools and applications

One level up, Deltacloud Portal provides a web UI in front of the Deltacloud API. With Deltacloud Portal, your users can:

  • View image status and stats across clouds, all in one place
  • Migrate instances from one cloud to another
  • Manage images locally and provision them on any cloud
Check out the project at
My comments to Red Hat is -- very nicely done. I am looking forward to digging further.

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