Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CloudLoop - Universal Cloud Storage API

I'm still digging through a backlog of news & links sent to me during from my vacation. One of which is an interesting new project announced a couple weeks ago called CloudLoop. The project is described as a universal, open-source Java API and command-line tool for cloud storage, which lets you store, manage, and sync your data between all major providers.

According to the announcement Cloudloop aims to solve cloud storage related problems by putting a layer in between your application and its storage provider. It gives you one simple storage interface that supports a full directory structure and common filesystem-like operations (e.g. mv, cp, ls, etc).

The project currently supports Amazon S3, Nirvanix, Eucalyptus Walrus, Rackspace CloudFiles, Sun Cloud, with support coming soon for Microsoft Azure, EMC Atmos, Aspen, Diomede storage clouds.

Key futures include;
Sync your data to multiple providers, so if your primary provider goes down you will still be able to access your data.

Handles all the messy plumbing that comes with cloud storage, such as retry logic, authentication, and differences in vendor API's.

Makes switching between storage providers really easy. there are no code changes required to move to a new provider.

Lets you organize your data with a standard directory structure, rather than key-value systems offered by most providers.

Gives you a powerful unix-like command line interface for managing your data and configuring applications that use the cloudloop API.
Check out the project at www.cloudloop.com

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