Friday, December 19, 2008

Stephen Pollack leaves PlateSpin but shares the love

Infoweek has a nice little article about Stephen Pollack, formerly the founder of Platespin and now a notible advisor to virtualization startups Embotics, and Enomaly. David Marshall askes, Will they be as successful as PlateSpin? I certainly hope so. Stephen's insights as a booter have been extremely useful and timely.

Pollack stated, "Embotics and Enomaly are examples of young companies yearning to explore some of the new areas emerging in systems management - if I can help them succeed in some way using my experiences, I'm happy to do so. If there are companies who might need some assistance from someone like myself, I'm happy to explore that with them."

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(Please Note, I originally, mistakenly posted that Stephen is an advisor at DynamicOps, this is not the case.)

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