Monday, December 1, 2008

CCIF Mission & Goals (Draft Outline)

Since I posted my "Unified Cloud Interface (UCI)" last week to say there has been a significant amount of interest in cloud interoperability would be putting it mildly. Over the last week I've received dozens of emails and calls from people looking to get involved with our initiative. So I figured it would make sense to outline some of our objectives for the forum before we discuss any technical implementation aspects.

(The following is a draft and should be looked at as a suggestion open to discussion)

The Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum
Mission and Goals (Draft Dec 1st 2008)

CCIF Goals
The Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum (CCIF) was formed in order to enable a global cloud computing ecosystem whereby organizations are able to seamlessly work together for the purposes of wider industry adoption of cloud computing technology and related services. A key focus will be placed on the creation of a common agreed upon framework / ontology that enables the ability of two or more cloud platforms to exchange information in an unified manor.

CCIF is an open, vendor neutral, not for profit community of technology advocates, and consumers dedicated to driving the rapid adoption of global cloud computing services. CCIF shall accomplish this by working through the use open forums (physical and virtual) focused on building community consensus, exploring emerging trends, and advocating best practices / reference architectures for the purposes of standardized cloud computing.

Community Engagement
By bringing a global community of vendors, researchers, architects and end users together within an open forum, business and science requirements can be translated into best practices and, where appropriate, relevant and timely industry standards that enable interoperability and integration within and across organizational boundaries. This process is facilitated by online mailing lists, forums and regular "in person" meetings held several times a year that bring the broad community together in workshops and or group meetings. All CCIF activity will be underpinned by a web presence that enables communication within the various CCIF working groups and the sharing of their work with the broader community.

What we're not
The CCIF will not condone any use of a particular technology for the purposes of market dominance and or advancement of any one particular vendor, industry or agenda. Whenever possible the CCIP will emphasis the use of open, patent free and or vendor neutral technical solutions.

Board of Directors and Advisory Board
There has been some interest in the creation of both a CCIF board of directors and advisory board. I'm open to the idea, but don't think it might be necessary at this time.

If you are interested in getting involved in the discussion, please join our forum here.

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