Monday, December 15, 2008

Fire Eagle + XMPP realtime notifications

Been busy working on my cloud interoperability chapter for the upcoming O'Reilly Cloud Computing guide, I thought I'd take a break to share a cool new location centric XMPP based app I was sent today.

Seth Fitzsimmons over at Yahoo has published a new Fire Eagle's XMPP PubSub endpoint which is up and running at It's a great XMPP implemtation and does a nice job of showcasing a subset of the XEP-0060 (Publish-Subscribe), components including;

* subscribe (signed using OAuth (XEP-0235) w/ User-specific access tokens)
* unsubscribe (signed using OAuth w/ User-specific access tokens)
* subscriptions (signed using OAuth w/ General Purpose access tokens)
* event notifications (location updates)

Seth also wrote some (Ruby) client code for it as well as some additional instructions for subscribing to individual users' nodes:

Event notifications contain XML-formatted location information, the same as you would get when querying for an individual user's location.

According to his post, You don't need to use Fire Hydrant to receive updates (use an XMPP library in your language of choice that supports PubSub event notifications), but you'll probably want to use switchboard to create appropriate subscriptions (as it's the only tool I know of that supports OAuth for XMPP requests).

Switchboard is here:

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