Saturday, May 3, 2008

What makes a good cloud based IDE?

I was recently asked a question about Coghead on our Cloud computing Group / mailing list.
Experiences with Coghead to implement one elementary CRM
> What are your experiences with this source? Pros vs. Cons. based on your experience, specifically deficiencies if any. ( speed ?, easy to make backups of databases ?, too many incidences ? ). Initially I see as positive from this solution the flexibility to adapt progressively to the way that client works. Thank you
My Response.
I don't have any direct experience with Coghead, but we do include them as one of our clients (elasticdrive), so I'm bias. I will say that when looking at cloud based IDE's the one thing that always concerns me is what if I want to move away from a given platform, then what?. One of the benefits to the Google App Engine is it is based on an open python framework, meaning I can take the SDK and run it in my own data center. This for for me is a big plus.. Ultimately a cloud IDE is about speed to market, reducing development complexity and easy application scaling. Coghead does a tremendous job at all these things.

What I think both Coghead and Bungee need to do is provide a Google style SDK, then they'll have the killer platform "as a service".

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