Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cloud Computing: Eyes on the Skies (Businessweek)

I'm catching up on my reading after being away. I've discovered some more main stream coverage of Cloud computing in this weeks Business Week magazine, in the article titled "Cloud Computing: Eyes on the Skies" they attempt (badly I might add) at introducing the concept of cloud computing.

Their definition of cloud computing is:
"Any situation in which computing is done in a remote location (out in the clouds), rather than on your desktop or portable device. You tap into that computing power over an Internet connection. "The cloud is a smart, complex, powerful computing system in the sky that people can just plug into," says Web browser pioneer Marc Andreessen.
Umm ok, that certainly doesn't do much to help clear things up.

Generally an interesting read, but nothing ground breaking by any means. I do find it interesting how much interest there in the concept of cloud these days. Last week at Interop, both SaaS and Cloud seemed to be the topic du jour. It is exciting to be involved with such a hot topic!

Check out the article at:

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