Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ElasticDrive 0.4.2 Now Available for Download

Enomaly Inc is proud to announce a major update to the ElasticDrive Remote Storage system. The new version of ElasticDrive has significant performance and storage improvements. Previous customers are encouraged to go to www.elasticdrive.com and download the the latest version (free of charge). Due to strong customer demand we are now offering a lower priced 50GB version for $49.

New Improvements and Additions include;
  • DATACENTER TARGETING! You can now specify the EU datacenter for storage.
  • TTL specification, to set how long cache entries are stored. This allows you to maintain the READ cache for a longer time in order to improve performance.
  • ElasticDrive now has an ordered write engine which ensures that data is always written to disk in the correct order. This engine is the s3simple storage engine. If you want more performance, you can now RAID multiple elasticdrives in parallel (RAID0). The old s3 fast engine has been removed.
  • At the request of one of our customers, ElasticDrive now supports gzip encoding on your stripes; which gives a significant speed (and cost) improvement for a lot of use cases.
  • ElasticDrive also has preliminary support for the tcp_window_scaling option, which increases window size for much faster transfers. We expect this one to grow legs as Amazon pushes window scaling into production. This option is currently in testing at Amazon, and is not recommended for production use.
  • SSL can be turned on and off at will with the no_ssl option. Good for higher speed and lower CPU usage transfers.
  • CPU usage is much, much lower.
  • ElasticDrive's new caching algorithm is simpler, smaller, and faster for data reads.
  • ElasticDrive now comes with the ed_bucket_mgr tool for listing your buckets, and deleting the ones you are no longer using. Useful for cleaning out file-systems that you are no longer using.
  • A lower priced 50GB version is now available for $49

Enomalism Elastic Computing Platform : EC2 Module
We are also pleased to announce the latest release of the Enomalism Elastic Computing Platform, Enomalism v2.01 including improved support for Amazon EC2. The Free Amazon EC2 module allows you to easily manage Amazon EC2 instances from the web based Enomalism interface. The EC2 instances blend in with existing virtual machines as if they were running on a local virtual machine as well as a providing an web services interface for the automatic scaling of virtual applications both locally and remotely. The free EC2 module is available for both Windows and Linux installations.

Download a free copy of Enomalism at: http://www.enomalism.com
Docs: http://trac.enomalism.com/enomalism/wiki/Ec2

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