Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sun Solaris On Demand Program (Mostly Vapor)

Today Sun announced a new Sun Solaris On Demand Program. At first glance it appears to be their first attempt at an on demand cloud computing solution built on Solaris Containers. Upon closer examination I found a few issues with their supposed cloud offering.

1. The pricing is fishy. "Play in Sun's sandbox free for 90 days." Then what? How much?
2. Virtualized Tenancy - Quote
"Worried about having to re-architect your application for multi-tenancy? With the Solaris On Demand program for ISVs you don't have to. Solaris On Demand virtualizes compute resources through Solaris Containers. Each container is isolated from other containers, providing a secure execution environment for separate application instances. So you can run your OnPremise software On Demand without re-architecting." ... What does that even mean? The sun virtualization will scale for you, I doubt it.

Whether you're using containers or traditional virtualization, serving a single tenant application in a VM doesn't magically make it "Multi-tenant" Sun makes no mention of how they auto-magically achieve a multi tenant environment, other then it just happens (Like magic). For the most part this new on demand cloud solution appears to be primarily vapor or an attempt to grab some consulting work.

Sun yet again has done a great job at showing how clueless they really are when it comes to cloud computing and virtualization.

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