Thursday, April 17, 2008

Enomalism v2.01 Released

Enomaly, Inc. is pleased to announce the latest alpha release of the Enomalism Elastic Computing Platform, Enomalism v2.01, (Alpha 2) (Enomalism should be out of alpha in a couple weeks)

Latest Enomalism Updates include:

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Admin group security permissions. Users in Admin group now have full access to all features of the admin user.
  • Fixed user level permissions. Users granted access to VM's will now be able to start/stop/restart.
  • Fixed JEOS Gutsy machine image to include Realtek driver for newer versions of Red Hat Enterprise and Ubuntu 8.04
  • Fixed many Xen related bugs. Please see instructions in Wiki for getting Xen VM's working. (
  • Many Ajax and visual fixes. (ie7 mostly)
  • Multi-server cluster fixes
  • Updates made to Amazon EC2 module.
For installation Documentation and core distribution download, please visit

Direct Downloads are available on sourceforge at

We are currently seeking BETA testers to assist with the following tasks
  • Interface Debugging CSS, JS (IE7,Firefox)
  • Platform Testing (Linux,Windows,BSD,OSX)
  • Cluster Testing
  • Amazon EC2 Testing
  • Repository / Appliance Testing
  • Module Testing
  • User Management Testing
  • REST API Testing
  • Anything else that needs fixing.
If you are interested in lending a hand, please visit the Enomalism forums at

Or on the irc at #enomalism

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