Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm in Business Week, but my quote stinks!

So I finally got a quote in BusinessWeek (see > Amazon Takes On IBM, Oracle, and HP), but my quote is terrible and totally out of context.
"I'm not seeing anyone bet the farm on mission-critical applications yet," says Reuven Cohen, CEO of Enomaly, which uses Amazon's computing power to offer tech services to corporate customers.
I spoke to Peter Burrows for almost an hour and thats my quote? First of all, Amazon Web Services are great. A lot of companies are "betting the farm" on AWS including us. My quote is taken completely out of context and doesn't do myself, AWS or Cloud computing as a whole justice. Yes, there are some concerns to using remote systems, but they're the same as any remote service like web hosting or SaaS. Why would you buy a whole lot of server hardware and have it sit idle when you could instantly tap into a utility such as Amazon EC2..

Next time I'll be more careful!

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