Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SpotCloud Update - Non-Opaque Provider Branding Options

This is a quick note to let you know that we’ve added an exciting new “Non Opaque” feature for SpotCloud providers. This new branding option for hardware profiles allows you to selectively choose which profiles are made visible under your own company name and logo while allowing other profiles to remain opaque (hidden) to our more then 1200+ registered SpotCloud buyers. 

By promoting your brand, you’ll benefit by attracting buyers who are willing to pay extra for the trust your brand implies.

To enable this feature please login to the SpotCloud dashboard as a provider, then go to the “settings” tab and upload your logo,  your company name and website.

Next go to the “Pricing” tab and edit the profiles you would like to make your brand visible with by selecting the “branding” check box in each profile. Once approved your company, logo and link to your website will be visible to all SpotCloud buyers. You can login as a buyer to see this in action with our example "Enomaly Inc" provider.

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