Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Real-time SpotCloud Market Data API Released

One of the most requested additions to the SpotCloud API is the ability to get realtime market data. I'm happy to announce that we've added this to the latest SpotCloud Provider API update V1.2.

These new API calls allow you to adjust your pricing to be based on market conditions or simply see what the most popular locations or instance type are at any given moment giving our providers an extra level of insight into the SpotCloud market.

You can grab the latest API docs from the following locations.


GET /api/v1/provider/market.{json|xml}

Response Fields

  • average_package_size - The average appliance storage size.
  • popular_cpu - A list of popular CPU counts used when creating instances.
  • popular_memory - A list of popular memory sizes used when creating instances.
  • popular_location - A list of popular geographic locations used to deploy instances.
  • average_memory_cost - The current average cost per GB of memory.
  • average_cpu_cost - The current average cost per CPU.

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