Friday, March 11, 2011

SpotCloud Update (New App Directory)

We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched a new Appliance Directory for SpotCloud. The integrated appliance directory allows you to more easily deploy from a directory of pre-built SpotCloud appliances to any of our providers from around the globe. To get started, login to the SpotCloud management dashboard as a buyer, select a providers and you’ll see a list of appliances in the drop down.

We are actively adding new appliances to the directory, so check back frequently. Some of the appliances we have available currently included:

The SpotCloud Webmin appliance is our generic Ubuntu 10.10 with a Webmin management console added to it. This allows you to visually configure all aspects of your server, including installing packages and managing users.

BOINC SpotCloud (Distributed Grid Computing Platform)
The BOINC appliance allows you to create clients anywhere in the world for handling distributed processing jobs. To operate the appliance, create a new instance with it. You can then ssh into the instance for configuration. The configuration script only asks for one item, and that is the IP address your BOINC management server that issues jobs.

Built using the SpotCloud Ubuntu OS, the SpotCloud Open VPN appliance allows peers to authenticate each other using a pre-shared secret key, certificates, or username/password. Essentially, using Open VPN on SpotCloud allows for on-the-fly, anonymous internet access using on-demand, regional spot instances.

Ubuntu 10.10
Ubuntu JeOS (pronounced "Juice") is an efficient variant of the Ubuntu Server operating system, configured specifically for use as virtual appliances. This is a specialized installation of Ubuntu Server Edition with a tuned kernel that only contains the base elements needed to run within a distributed SpotCloud environment.

Built on Ubuntu JeOS & Aflexi's CDN automation control panel is the first CDN software especially catered for cloud computing. The Aflexi software allows you to quickly and easily build your own global content delivery network using SpotCloud resources from around the globe.

Varnish Cache
This is a fully functional SpotCloud appliance built on Ubuntu JeOS and Varnish Cache. It includes a one time command line configuration example accessible via SSH console on any SpotCloud provider. Once configured, the appliance automatically locks itself down preventing further access.

Get Listed in our Directory
We’re looking for more reference SpotCloud appliances, If you have an application well suited for SpotCloud please get in touch with us.

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