Thursday, April 28, 2011

Announcing SpotCloud for OpenStack

SpotCloud, the world's best place to buy & sell cloud computing capacity, is happy to announce support for the OpenStack platform.

The open source SpotCloud OpenStack Connector is available for immediate use as a  free Apache-licensed download ( The SpotCloud OpenStack Connector provides an easy and effective way for service providers deploying OpenStack based clouds to sell cloud computing capacity through the global SpotCloud market.

This release represents another step in opening up the SpotCloud market with support for the widest range of cloud services. The SpotCloud market is open to all buyers of cloud computing services through, offering the world’s best pricing and availability for cloud services from service providers on four continents, now including service providers using OpenStack as their cloud platform.

Key facts about the SpotCloud OpenStack Connector:
  • The SpotCloud OpenStack Connector easily connects any existing or new OpenStack deployment to SpotCloud
  • Through SpotCloud, service providers can choose to sell excess cloud capacity anonymously, and can also offer their fully branded cloud services for sale
  • Service providers have full control over how much of their cloud capacity is made available to SpotCloud buyers, what configurations are offered through SpotCloud, and at what price
  • SpotCloud provides detailed reporting of all transaction activity and provides payment settlement services in over 80 currencies
  • The SpotCloud OpenStack Connector is free open source software, supported and released under the Apache license

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