Saturday, March 28, 2009

Microsoft / CCIF Update

By now most of you have seen the various headlines flying around about Microsoft Vs the Open Cloud Manifesto and their commitment to open cloud computing. Over the last couple days we have been continuing to engage in active discussions with Microsoft around ways the CCIF and Microsoft can continue to work together. A few key points of clarification regarding the "Open Cloud Manifesto" Although I had personally being speaking with Microsoft about inclusion of some of their requested alterations to the document, we are dealing with several very large companies with numerous points of contact. Somewhere between the various conversations there seems to have been a miscommunication regarding both the publication date as well as the whether or not there was time to make any final alterations. Going forward we will try harder to make sure there are clearer lines of communications in place to avoid this from happening again.

In our discussions it remains apparent that Microsoft was and still is committed to an open cloud ecosystem. On Monday I will be meeting with a team from Microsoft in New York to discuss how we can foster a stronger open relationship between our two organizations.

I'll keep you posted.
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