Saturday, February 14, 2009

Radeztsky's Cube & The Interoperability Metaverse

I wanted to bring to the attention of my readers a diagram created by Scott Radeztsky, a Principal Engineer over Sun as well as one of our main cloud interoperability champions within the company. You can see the diagram posted at

Radeztsky's diagram does an great job of visually representing the "semantic" similarities between the various technical pieces as well as higher level taxonomies. Although the first draft is still in a fairly rough form, it does take a nice visual representation of a 3 dimensional view of the key aspects of the cloud or what he calls the "Interoperability Metaverse" with in "the cube".

axis 1: type: private vs. public vs. hybrid cloud
axis 2: layer: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
axis 3: domain (known optimizations of HW/SW): HPC, Analytics, Healthcare, Telco

What is interesting is there actual may be room for a 4th dimension, possibly the API dimension where we can map not only the relations on the face of the cube but also within it.

Radeztsky goes on to describe the constraints that he feels will help reduce the multiple scenarios in our spectrum where one size may not fit all.
  • app space contributing: my app can use dynamic elements and rediscover some things or it has hardwired/hardcoded things
  • infra space contributing: my infra contains dynamic things that can help apps or it does not (DDNS, identity)
  • NW space contributing: interop between the various cloud types, high rates of shuffling vs. lower, etc

There are pieces of technology and typical optimizations and places in / pieces of the cube where solns are perhaps simpler, and places where things are still not known and therefore must remain more abstract or academic in out definitions.

Personally I like the visual metaphor Radeztsky has chosen to use, I'm calling it "Radeztsky's Cube" (cause I like naming things and it sounds cool). I'd also like to see a version 2 use a 4d approach. Keep up the good work.

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