Saturday, June 21, 2008

IBM followup

Over the last few day I've received a number of emails about my recent
IBM commentary. A lot of people seem to be ready to read quite a bit
more into what I wrote. I am neither for or against IBM. As one of the
most dominate players in the data center space, how IBM approachs
cloud computing effects everyone involved in the emerging space. My
biggest complaint is because of sheer volume of acquisitions, IBM is
forced to use what they have (a suite of fairly random data center
components) rather then to re-invent something totally new and unique.
In my opinion the days of centralized data center management are
numbered and from what I can see they have yet to embrace a
decentralized approach to cloud management.

What I tried to do is paint the picture that I saw as an outsider.
And as an outsider I saw a lot of opportunities available in weaker
areas of IBM's cloud strategy (Dynamic Provisioning and data center to
cloud migrations - D2C). I should also note this was a research
focused event and only showed a small part of their overall strategy.

At the end of the day I have no doubt IBM will become a dominate
player in the space, but whether it's through acquisitions or R&D is still to
be determined.

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