Saturday, June 21, 2008

Describing the cloud

Recently on our Cloud Computing Group, Trevor asked how do we describe cloud computing, below is my response.

Cloud computing is one of those catch all buzz words that tries to encompass a variety of aspects ranging from deployment, load balancing, provisioning, business model and architecture (like web2.0). It's the next logical step in software (software 10.0). For me the simplest explanation for cloud computing is describing it as, "internet centric software". This new cloud computing software model is a shift from the traditional single tenant approach to software development to that of a scalable, multi-tenant, multi-platform, multi-network, and global. This could be as simple as your web based email service or as complex as a globally distributed load balanced content delivery environment. I think drawing a distinction on whether its, PaaS, SaaS, HaaS is completely secondary, ultimately all these approaches are attempting to solve the same problems (Scale).

As software transitions from a traditional desktop deployment model to that of a network & data centric one, "the cloud" will be the key way in which you develop, deploy and manage applications in this new computing paradigm.

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