Sunday, April 11, 2010

Upcoming Week in Peoples Republic of China

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Just a quick note to let everyone know that I'll be in Beijing this coming week for the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) launching our Enomaly High Assurance Edition (HAE) of ECP.

For those interested, Enomaly’s HAE provides continuous cloud security assurance by means of unique, hardware-assisted mechanisms (thanks to our friends at Intel). Enomaly ECP High Assurance Edition provides both initial and ongoing Full-Stack Integrity Verification providing the end hosting customer with hardware-verified proof that the cloud stack (encompassing server hardware, hypervisor, guest OS, and even ECP itself) is intact and has not been tampered with. More details to follow.

Apart from our HAE product launch we'll be meeting with various customers and partners in China. Unfortuntatly my blog which is powered by blogger doesn't work inside the PRC, so I won't be able to post regular details of my verious adventures. But fear not, I'm working on a big China Cloud Computing related blog posts which I will post upon my return.

I have a few open spots in my schedule, so if you're in China and want to talk clouds. Make sure to get in touch.

Catch you on the flip side (of the globe)
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