Monday, April 19, 2010

Enomaly ECP 3.2 Service Provider Edition Released

I'm proud to announce the latest release of ECP Service Provider Edition. I know you'll typically hear me talk about how great our Enomaly ECP releases are (I am a little bias I know), but this one is a big one -- probably the biggest release we've ever done.

The release 3.2 adds significant new capabilities in the areas of storage management VM creation, integration with service provider's other web-based systems, and the customer API. Release 3.2 also provides significant usability enhancements in the customer interfaces, and adds support for additional languages.

Key New Features:
- Users can now add or delete up to two secondary storage disks on their VM's, within their quota limits. This can be accessed with the new "Disk" tab under the VM details screen.
- Users can now choose existing VM Templates or, to create VM's from a selection of ISO images hosted by the service provider. This allows users to have the ultimate level of control in creating their cloud infrastructure, however this feature can be disabled for service providers who wish to continue using strict VM templates.
- Users can now boot VM's from the ISO image selection, allowing OS recovery tools such as GParted to work against existing VM's.
- Added Korean, Japanese as new translations. Many updates to the Swedish translation.
- Added new API's for disk management feature.
- Users can now update their password and email address through the Customer UI.
- Custom URL's can be added to the Customer and Administrative UI.


- Improved Virtual Machine listing in Customer UI (transitional machine states and number of machines in group).
- Various improvements to the Administrative User Interface.
- Various improvements to the Installer.
- Updated documentation for Customer UI, Administrative UI, Configuration/Theming and ECP API.
- Login screen logo is now configurable.
- Improvements to billing and hardware template switching in HA environments.
- Refresh button added to all top level Customer UI tabs.
- Remote console information moved to a dedicated tab in Customer UI VM details screen.
- IP Address moved to a more visible location in Customer UI VM details screen.
- Network Interface changes, like disks, can only be changed while VM is powered off.
- VM Restarts on agent recovery are now executed in parallel.
- Changing Admin password no longer requires a restart of the ecpmanager process.
- Improved tracking of cursor in GUI based operating environments.
- Improvements to KVM network bridging to allow more server configurations to work on a fresh install.

For existing customers, please contact us for the download and upgrade instructions.

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