Thursday, August 6, 2009

Facebook & Twitter Down? Did The Cloud Actually Burst?

I feel lost without my social web. As I sit waiting for twitter to return. I figured hey, it's been a while since I've logged into facebook. To my shock and possibly horror, facebook is also down. I can help but wonder if the sudden influx of users from twitter or vice versa facebook outages has caused a domino effect among the largest social networking sites.

Currently I have no idea if the problems are related, but it certainly does show that the two sites are inextricably connected. Notably, both linkedin and friendfeed are responding just find.

Yes, it's time to say this again, hey facebook & twitter where's your cloud bursting contingency plan? If you actually want to be the realtime pulse of the planet, you need to do better, much better.

-- Update --
- LiveJournal is also down
- Looks like facebook is back, not sure if it was limited to Canada or not.
- Wall Street Journal is reporting that the outage is the result of a denial of service attack.
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