Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A World Wide Stream of Consciousness

Just finished reading a very enlightened post titled "Is The Stream What Comes After the Web?" by Nova Spivack, twine.com founder. In his post he describes a unique theory called "the stream"

He goes on to say "The Stream is what the Web is thinking. It is the dynamic activity of the Web: the conversations, the live streams of audio and video, the changes to Web sites that are happening, the ideas and trends that are rippling between millions of Web pages, applications, and human minds...

If the Internet is our collective nervous system, and the Web is our collective brain, then the Stream is our collective mind. These three layers are interconnected, yet are distinctly different aspects, of our emerging and increasingly awakened planetary intelligence.

The emergence of the Stream is an interesting paradigm shift that may turn out to characterize the next evolution of the Web, this coming third-decade of the Web's development. Even though the underlying data model may be increasingly like a graph, or even a semantic graph, the user experience will be increasingly stream oriented."

Continuing on Spivack theory, I can't help but thinking of The Stream as a kind of World Wide Stream of Consciousness applied in real time to an endless supply of individually created information (Twitter, Facebook, etc). In other words, think of it as a global narrative that seeks to portray an instant collection of various points of view. The technical data mining of one or many thought processes -- instantly.
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