Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mobile Hybrid Data Center (Hybrid Bus + Containerized Data Center)

I was just reading an interesting article on about new hybrid-electric bus fleets being used to provide electricity during emergencies such as the recent hurricane in Louisiana. In the article they say that cities are buying these vehicles because they reduce fuel costs and air pollution, but also these hybrid buses generate more power and are more portable then traditional generators.

I had an idea; why not take the concept of a containerized data centers and combine it with a hybrid-electric engine or bus. Diesel-powered engines in hybrid electric buses store energy in batteries which in a disaster could feasibly power a mobile data center for a significant amount of time, even after the fuel runs out. Hybrid engine technologies could serve as the basis of self powered Mobile Hybrid Data Centers for use in emergencies and other various types of situations where the location and access to power may be problematic.

The article also states that "BAE’s newest buses, expected to reach full rate production next year, produces 200 kilowatts when the engine speed is at 2300 rpms. BAE estimate a single hybrid city bus could provide power to 36 households for a full day or a 12,400 sq.-ft. hospital for 22 hours, on a single tank of diesel gas." I haven't done the math, but I can only assume this could easily keep a mobile data center up and running for quite a while.

The article goes on to say that trailblazing cities could become models for the delivery of power via mass transit to disaster-prone urban centers like New Orleans, which has only restocked on biodiesel buses since Katrina.

Anyone at the DoD or department of homeland security, please feel to get in touch.

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