Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cloud Computing ~ an Analogy for a Metaphor

To anyone working with "cloud computing" the concept is an analogy. Contrasting that of traditional desktop / server oriented computing to the internet as an operating environment. For service providers (Google Microsoft, Salesforce), the concept of "The cloud" is a metaphor for the Internet and delivering applications through it. Could the problem with the idea of cloud computing and the cloudiness around it, be in part because we are trying to hard to compare two seemingly unrelated subjects?

For those of us who fell asleep during middle school. (Myself included) A metaphor asserts two topics are the same whereas analogy may acknowledge differences. Are we too focused on the similarities between the internet (an indescribable organism) and cloud computing when we should be focusing on the differences between traditional computing versus internet based computing?

This random thought has been brought to you by, walking my dog Winston on a Sunday afternoon.

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