Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SpotCloud Beta Update (Jan 25th)

Another strong week of development on the SpotCloud.com platform. Unfortunately, some of the coolest new additions relate to our administration and management system so we can’t show them to you. However, we plan to do a major 1.2 release next week with lots of other new eye candy for you.

We’ve also been busy signing up and on-boarding new providers from all over the world and hope to have all continents covered by our February public launch. A few notable additions to the SpotCloud market this week include, Brazil, Iceland, and Italy. I’d like to point out that we could use additional capacity from Asia, so if you have capacity or know of someone who does, please send them along.

Setting ECP SpotCloud Permissions
We’ve encountered a minor work-flow oversight that relates to the installation of ECP SpotCloud Edition. When installing ECP, users seem to skip the last step which is to set the correct permissions for their SpotCloud user. To help, we’ve updated our Setup_broker.py script which will complete the setup as well as configure the correct permissions.

Pricing Your Capacity
One of the most asked questions lately is “How do I price my capacity on the market?”
We've created a SpotCloud Pricing Guide for capacity providers. You can grab it here. In an upcoming release we will also include a market overview for sellers.

Documentation Error (Storage requirement)
I’d like to outline an error in the original SpotCloud Setup Guide whereby we outline a “2TB” per-host requirement. This is not correct. The actual number is 500GB per Host. In reality, you’ll be okay even if you only provide one server.

Some more press: “Can a New IaaS Cloud Really Compete?” http://ruv.net/a/if

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