Monday, November 1, 2010

Introducing SpotCloud, The First Clearinghouse & Marketplace for Cloud Computing Services

Enomaly Inc., the leading vendor of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing software, is proud to announce that it has launched the beta of SpotCloud ( the first cloud computing clearinghouse & marketplace.

For cloud service providers
, the SpotCloud Marketplace Platform provides an easy way to sell unused cloud capacity. Cloud providers can use SpotCloud to clear out unused capacity and sell computing inventory that would otherwise go unsold, enabling increased utilization and revenue, without undermining their standard pricing.

In order to avoid directly competing with regular retail sales of cloud services, SpotCloud uses an "opaque" sales model, similar to sites such as The SpotCloud service meters, tracks, and bills capacity buyers, and pays capacity sellers directly.

For Cloud Capacity buyers
, SpotCloud bridges many disparate regional cloud providers, allowing buyers to find the best cloud providers at the best price. SpotCloud serves as the central place to discover and buy computing capacity, based on performance, cost and location parameters, through a simple and easy to use web dashboard and API. 

By 2014, IDC predicts, sales of cloud computing products or services will generate almost $56 billion in annual revenues. Gartner analyst Daryl Plummer has stated that by 2015 “cloud service brokers will be the largest revenue growth opportunity”, going on to say that “20 percent of cloud services will be consumed via a broker.“

“The market driven approach of SpotCloud is a game changer for both buyers and providers of cloud computing resources.” said Reuven Cohen, Enomaly founder and CTO.  “For service providers, SpotCloud enables the most important feature – the ability to make more money. Each service provider can define prices for the excess capacity offered through the service and adjust these based on time and utilization. For consumers, SpotCloud provides a secure central location to buy from a global pool of providers at highly competitive prices.”

How it Works
How it works

How it Looks
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