Friday, September 17, 2010

Enomaly ECP 3.4 Service Provider Edition Released

Enomaly is proud to announce the latest 3.4 release of ECP Service Provider Edition. This is a major milestone, and brings many new capabilities and enhancements:

Full support for VMware ESXi 4.0 servers
A huge improvement in virtual machine I/O performance
Multiple Mix and Match Storage Pools

New Features
  1. VMware ESXi 4.0 is now supported as a first class hypervisor alongside KVM and XEN.
  2. Greatly improved VM performance with the addition of advanced machine flag for VirtIO for Disks (VIRTBLK). This allows pass through paravirt disk drivers.
  3. Cluster monitoring and notification module.
  4. Administrators can now restrict account/API access to a specific IP address or range.
  5. Administrative user interface is now fully localizable.
  6. Optional agent to manager heartbeat has been added for high latency networks.
  7. New administrative interface for Disk Templates.
  8. Users can now specify advanced VM tunables. Advanced options on VMs used to create packages will also be carried over into the package. The following options are now tunable:
  9. PAE - Allows 32-bit VMs to address more than 4 GB of memory
  10. APIC - Adding a virtual APIC can improve latency, performance, and timer accuracy, especially on multiprocessor virtual machines.
  11. ACPI - ACPI power management
  12. VIRTIO is a Linux standard for network and disk devices, enabling cooperation with the hypervisor. This enables VMs to get high performance network operations, and gives most of the performance benefits of paravirtualization.
  13. Ability to connect ECP to multiple storage pools (mix and match storage tiers).
  14. Added user editable "notes" field to VM details dialog. This is intended to be a location where users can document details about a virtual machine
  15. API enhancements to allow VMs to be queried by IP or MAC address and package ID.
  1. ISOs are now managed by the object-based permissions system.
  2. Improved consolidated product documentation.
  3. VM boot device can now be selected.
  4. Usability improvements to customer users interface. VM tab is first in the customer UI. Home tab has been relabelled Logs.
  5. Billing API has been improved to include additional information regarding packages and resource usage.
  6. Improvements to the i18n Internationalization system to allow multiple versions of a given language.
  7. Enhanced VLAN management. VLANs can now be assigned to alternative Nic’s on the host.
  8. Updated Korean, Japanese and Swedish translations
  9. Add installer support for CentOS 5.5.
  10. Improvements to the Virtual Infrastructure machine listing table.
If you haven't already done so, I invite you to give Enomaly ECP a try, please get in touch for a free evaluation edition.

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