Monday, May 31, 2010

Random Thoughts about Random Things

As you can probably tell I haven't been very inspired to write on the old blog lately. My wife [Brenny] is now 38 weeks pregnant so that's got me pretty busy with the last few things we need to do to prepare for our new arrival. From the new and exciting world of cloud computing, well nothing much new to report. Obviously interest is strong, people talk about clouds [possibly too much]. I admit. I've found myself wondering what's coming next. I think I've entered 'Gartner's trough of disillusionment'. Or to put it more plainly, I'm suffering from cloud-burn.

It's not that I'm sick of cloud computing per-se, but I'm just a little tired of the term itself. And the same same cloudy questions, What is cloud? Really? ME: It's cloudy, it's suppose to be fuzzy, it's not called clear computing now is it ;) Come on ppl. It's Internet computing. It's a way to make money. It's the the new black. Good enough. Move on, next question.

As for the blog world, since cloud has become the new black, it's really become the new boring for IT writers. Mainstream IT media now talks about how MegaSoft Corp or Big Yellow is losing or winning or both. I'm more interested in who's innovating. It's obvious the most innovate companies are those you've never heard of. I'm not sure why we choose to focus so much attention on those with the least interesting stories.

As for me. What am I into? Power / Green / carbon friendly computing maybe. The iPad looks cool, maybe energy efficient code is the next big thing? I don't know. I am really excited about the new baby. -- Oh yeah I mentioned that didn't I?

Over the next few weeks I'm house and office bound, so don't expect to see me at any CloudCamps or other various *Cloud* Conferences. It's not that I don't care, it's just I care too much -- about my family that is.

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