Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Enomaly & Intel Participate in New Cloud Builder Program

It's been a little quiet on the blog front lately because of my crazy travel schedule. I'm currently in Shanghai on business and have had limited access to the my favorite social media tools while I've been in the Peoples Republic.  Today I have some exciting news, something that's been a long time in the making. As many of you know over the last few years we've been working very closely with the team at Intel on various cloud and virtualization related efforts. In terms of a technology partner, they have been ideal both in going the extra mile technically allowing us access to their world class technical team around the globe (in places including China, India, Korea, Japan, Taiwan U.S) as well as market access to both their customers and partners. Intel was among the first to full understand the opportunity in enabling a truly secure virtualized cloud computing environments for service providers and Telco's. I'm happy to announce that Enomaly has joined  the Intel® Cloud Builder Program to enable ease and scale of cloud deployments.

The purpose of the Intel® Cloud Builder Program enables easier deployment of cloud solutions. The program provides a starting point to setup, deploy and manage a cloud infrastructure.  The primary goal is to simplify the effort to deploy cloud-based solutions for service providers, hosters and enterprise customers looking to use cloud architectures. The program provides tools and best practices for cloud service providers to create a cloud environment based on a defined software and hardware stack. 

Our participation in the Intel Cloud Builder Program aligns closely with our other efforts to enable Service Providers to deliver enterprise-class cloud computing services to their customers. Our work with the Intel Cloud Builder Program will help to accelerate our efforts to deliver a massively-scalable, highly-available, high-security cloud platform to our customers.

A proven cloud computing technology platform, Enomaly's Service Provider Edition and High Assurance Edition provide a strong platform with which service providers can deliver revenue generating cloud services to their customers.  Simple and easy to use by end-users, Enomaly provides a feature rich, customizable platform that will enable its Service Provider customers to gain competitive advantage in this fast moving market. 

According to Billy Cox, director Cloud Computing Strategy, Intel Corporation; "Enomaly is one of the important industry influencers, Intel and Enomaly are working together with the goal to reduce the implementation time for our customers. Enomaly's participation in Intel® Cloud Builder Program can help enterprises and service providers move to cloud computing more easily."     

I'm looking forward to continuing to work closely with Billy, Jake and the rest of the Intel team. Thanks again for believing in us. 

About Enomaly

Enomaly is a global leader in the fast-growing Cloud Computing space.  Enomaly empowers service providers (carriers, hosting companies, and others) to deliver revenue- generating infrastructure on demand (Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS) services to their customers.  Enomaly's Elastic Computing Platform, first released in 2004, was the world's first IaaS platform, and is used today in over 1000 working installations. 

For more information, please visit www.enomaly.com 

For more information on Intel® Cloud Builder program, please visit here. 

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