Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Federal Enterprise Cloud Architecture & Framework

I just got pinged on twitter by Patrick Stingley, CTO of the Bureau of Land Management, ( in regards to work he is doing in mapping services associated with the cloud to the US Federal EA/SRM. He is currently looking for input and suggestions on his first draft.

According to Stingley's post he is trying to link his cloud model to the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework. He goes on to say "I'm thinking that this framework should fit somewhere in between the Service Component Reference Model (SRM) and the Technical Reference Model (TRM). It's not a clean mapping to the SRM, but some things do match up. In the diagram --- the services in the SRM are called out by the SRM reference number. I have put asterisks by the one's I'm not sure of and I the ones with the black backgrounds are the "holes" in the SRM, where services exist, but are not addressed in the SRM."

Stingley has setup a site for comments.

-- Credits --
All are encouraged to share the material on this page with attribution in accordance with Creative Commons. Patrick Stingley is the author of the text and most of the diagram. Nick Mistry deserves credit for coming up with an improved framework and sharing that with me. Thanks to Jeff Harrison of the Carbon Project for convincing me that web servers and web services are different enough to warrant separate mention and to Ty Fabling of ESRI for doing the same with Collaborative Services and e-mail. All of these ideas are subject to debate. Good debate is gratefully accepted. Colin Powel's Leadership tenant #3 - Share credit.

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