Monday, July 21, 2008

The Cloud is the Computer

It's been more then 25 years since Sun Co-founder John Gage first said the phrase, "The Network is the Computer." As cloud computing has begun to signify a shift in computing this statement has become more relevant then ever. For me, "The Cloud is the Computer". As many readers of my blog know I am a big proponent to a future where all your applications and storage are consumed over a network connection. In my vision of our computing future, the computer starts to look more like a thin client or mobile device and less like a traditional desktop.

So this brings me to a new company called CherryPal that today announced they are to begin offering a $249 paperback-sized box containing an underpowered processor and a token amount of memory . The idea is you just stick in any keyboard or mouse with a USB connector and any standard monitor (VGA), and you’re up and running.

According to their press release the "The CherryPal" set to begin shipping at the end of this month, is a true cloud computer, meaning almost all if its applications and data are stored online." For those who do nothing more then check their email, access productivity apps and surf the web the Cherrypal might be a perfect low cost alternative to the traditional desktop.

With Amazon's recent S3 outage ongoing a big question still remains: Are mainstream consumers ready to offload control of their digital life to a series remote cloud services providers that can and do go down?

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