Monday, August 31, 2009

PR: CloudFutures, Cloud Computing for Software Vendors

An interesting conference is happening Oct 5 and 6 in San Jose: Cloud Computing for Software Vendors ( Every traditional software vendor I've spoken with sees the cloud coming and understands that it's a game-changer -- but until now they've all been on their own to come up with a "cloud strategy". And a lot of vendors have resorted to a knee-jerk "everything has to be SaaS" strategy. But that's not the only way to play -- just for one example, how about taking the existing product and making it more IaaS friendly? That's much easier in many ways (no new multi-tenancy issues, for example), but it tends to get overlooked.

Most software vendors aren't each other's competitors (e.g. a company that makes an accounting system doesn't compete with one that make geophysical modeling software), so why not leverage the community, and learn from each other? That's why this event is cool.

The organizers have also offered a discount code for Elastic Vapor readers -- if you register by web or phone, you can use the discount code ENOMALY for $200 off.

Disclaimer: Enomaly is one of the (many) vendors who will be giving a talk at this event.

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